When Suppression Had Not Been Invented

Reaching to you from the 1% perspective, especially here in China where it’s more like 0.01%. The Beijing Kungfu Show continues to be a great stimulant for quote material. The practices of Shaolin Monks are very classic in nature and what could be more fun than translating classic text to todays words!

The courageous run away from violence, the skillful avoid anger and a mighty warrior does not fight for trivial conquests.

Firstly there is a difference between being courageous and doing a courageous thing. Obviously it doesn’t take a lot of courage to run away from a fight but it takes great courage to stand up and protect non-violence.

Second, suppressing anger cant be called very skillful. Channeling anger and transforming the energy to something useful rather than giving it to your opponent for example does however require great skill.

Obviously a mighty warrior is not needed to refuse a pitiful fight. It’s needed to stand against senseless fighting.

Only in current times, the need for further explanation on these points becomes essential. Suppression was not invented then and it was evident that loosing face took more courage.

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That is a wonderful quote. You could say that violence is a form of cowardliness. Those ancient kung fu masters really knew what they were talking about <3


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