The Greener Side of Things

Without a doubt most people have heard the proverb:

The grass is always greener on the other side.

The meaning is pretty obvious, that circumstances other than those of oneself often seem better or more desirable when in reality they often are not. But then again, comes the job of greatwords to share some light on a deeper meaning! 🙂

Of course it’s a good observation that often one wants things that they don’t have which is an eternal thirst. It is because this observation has never been made that the world has so many problems. People are thirsty for power, for wealth, for sex and many many other things. In fact this thirst can be absolutely anything, even to be poor. However the egoistic approach to gather wealth in excessive amounts while others is suffering must be the one of the worsening effects of them all.

But many did not stop to think what the other “greener side” is. What is it that makes people so interested in something that is outside of themselves, something that doesn’t exist. Well, my theory is that this greener side is actually something inside oneself which is why it’s so attractive. An inner desire to discover yourself more and to grow internally. However if one thinks that this desire is outside of oneself the effect will only be an outward effect.

This shallow realization might only help a person to restrict themselves but not to really understand.

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I have heard this proverb so many times, but never did I really think about it’s meaning. Especially in this way. This outward effect is undesirable but I can understand that it’s pretty common!

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