That’s Just Awesome!

I wonder if there are others that are somehow put off by the phrase “that’s just awesome!”. I hear it so often, that it’s getting a little boring. That is of course in an American English setting. Now here in Britain, my teacher always told me not to use the same word again and again. English language is rich in expression and the more you give different flavors to it, the more beautiful it becomes.

Awesome Sign

Keeping that in mind as I grew up, whenever I write a text for example. I check what I wrote, and if there is too much repetition of the same word.. I try to change some of those to give more flavor to the text. It really works and makes the reading more stimulating, fun and even rewarding. For that I have to thank my teacher, who would scould me whenever I used the word “nice!”. She said that it’s not a word, you can say, brilliant, great, fantastic.. so many words.. Why just nice?!

Well, I think awesome has taken the same status as nice in nowaday talk. While it might sound stronger, the point is in repetition.. which is just over abundant and I am getting sick off it. Let’s use other words, awesome is just no longer awesome. But when we start using others, let’s not spoil them but put variety in the mix.


Sheri Green

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