Evolving Shanghai is a Show of Money

I had a recent opportunity to visit the proud and erect city of Shanghai. Thus I wont be featuring any quotes, but instead ponder about the state of the modern society. As well as finnish off with a nice poem I wrote.

So actually what I had long been waiting for is to witness the remarkable nightlife of the city. To guide me in my nightly adventure Show Shanghai was generous enough to show me around. This was a great way to relax, in contrary to my constant analysis that does manage to tire my mind at times. But of course I just had to come and write to you guys about it and analyze a little bit at least.

First off, Shanghai is a great city. I liked cities that truly have that big city metropolis feel to them. This place is filled with excitement, even though most historical buildings have been destroyed. But for what I came for was to enjoy myself.. with some Chinese acrobatic performance, endless walks and of course this view many of us know so well:

Shanghai View

Exactly this view was what finally blew me away and made me wonder what was the point in all this. Most people when they see this think that oh what a great achievement, how well the Chinese economy has done. Shanghai should be proud of themselves, they have really showed the world their true capabilities.

As usually I see it differently. Building a skyscraper one after another, each higher than the previous one.. is exactly the problem with modern society. I became almost speechless.. but was inspired to write this small poem:

As the economy blooms the society dooms.
When the Chinese attack the neighbors hold back.
Why such gloomy thoughts, like lottery casting lots.
It’s because this is real and as dangerous as a balancing wheel.

At least the acrobatics were great and my guide was such a wonderful person. This made me thinking, despite the doom and gloom, Chinese people are what really make the city and my experience. All in all I enjoyed it very much!