Douglas Adams Certainly Broke Out of his Mold

I was just downloading the famous radio show of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series” and bumped into a quote by Douglas Adams which is just witfully fantastic. As are all of his books, not just hitchhiker’s guide. He was an English author and very skillful in producing satire.

There are some oddities in the perspective with which we see the world.

This is just his style, there are some oddities probably could be translated as, the ways we see the world has gone totally bonkers!:P

Only recently I was thinking about learning new things. In this case, Chinese characters. It’s crazy how strongly the circumstances you were brought up in lead you to believe in such old and useless things! It’s as if to break out from the mold, you need to break out completely and go totally oddball on the 99% of the population whom are just idiotic themselves. Oops, sorry got carried away there for a bit.

Anyway in many western societies for example, it is perfectly normal to learn other western languages. Nothing odd about that, but due to the western nature of the languages being widely taught.. it seems impossible to learn a new character set! This is simply a prejudiced way to certain failure. I for one have decided to break out of that mold and learn new characters as one learns any normal day to day thing.

It’s a great brain stimulant to take the perspective of the 1%.

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