One Doesn’t Need to Be Great to Say Great Words

A misconception exists, that if you are not great yourself, you cannot say great words. If you haven’t noticed, what these “great people” are saying are things that relate to everyone on this earth. After all we are in this together, and whatever can be a benefit, whatever can be a novel thought can be enjoyed by everyone.

But, not only enjoyed but made as well. You see, the world is made up of these interesting words.. and that’s how feelings, situations, outcomes and just about anything physical or non-physical is being created. By deciding “with words” that you are not able to say great words, one has already created a negative reality around them.

The great people who are able to say great things that effect you, have simply decided to do so. One needs to be sincere with themselves, speak the truth and know oneself. The deeper you go, the more one realises that this being, which naturally flourishes with ideas and just about anything imaginable. Is something very simple, right here within everyone.

Thus great words only exclude those, who choose to be excluded! Be careful of what you say. It just might become a butterfly.


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