Language of Beijing Opera Speaks to The Heart

China-US ties have not always been the greatest, so where to look for consolidation. That’s easy, from the place where no conflict has yet existed. To go there you have to go quite a way back in history but those things such as Beijing Opera still live strongly in the lives of the Chinese and continue to enchant foreign cultures too.

A new wonderful program to mix the Chinese and Western operas has been created in New York and a performance was held. The performers went under strict vocal coaching to learn to sign in Mandarin. All this resulting in a huge Opera choir of both Western and Eastern decent.

“Music is an international language, and it speaks to the heart.”

This beautiful quotes was states by Patty Kopec who is a music professor at the Manhattan School of Music. According to him the key to a successful performance is to understand the content and not just to sing. That’s when you sing from the heart.

I believe that not only old traditional music has this meaning but also modern music carries the secret tool for singing from the heart. This heart, is often lost with songs originating from familiar cultures and backgrounds, but whenever it’s foreign of origin you have to take an effort to understand it.

So if a way to understand get in contact with another culture is to dwell into its history and cultural background, then wouldn’t that work internally too. I mean, couldn’t people get along better together inside their own country if they took effort into understanding the songs of that country. The only problem with that proposition is that it is the unknown that attracts us to look for new thoughts and ideas although most still prefer not to venture into the unknown. So perhaps venturing and molding different cultures together is an answer after all.


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