Inspiration at the Theatre of Chaoyang

Theatre of Chaoyang has often presented itself as the venue that has it all in Beijing. I have already mentioned the theatre in previous posts, but there are still more interesting details about the show that I wanted to go into. Finding inspiration for words, quotes and articles of different kinds is always a bit of a challenge. Mainly because you cannot really force it and it simply comes to you when the time is right. Being a big fan of the performing arts, and Chinese variety shows of course, not every experience has been satisfactory to my standards.

What are my standards, you may ask. But I still haven’t figured out the answer to that question if I may be truly honest with you. All I know, is that when an experience, or a spectacle such as the one performed by the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe hits you, you just know. Those moments exist in different forms and varieties which is why you must go into the unknown. I know many critics and sort of people who just walk out of a show if they don’t like it. While I do appriciate and encourage self thinking and individualism. That which naturally promotes having your own opinions, some that are extremely strong even.

Theatre of Chaoyang

But had it not been for the flying acrobats, I would not have probably discovered this vital clue into finding inspiration for writing. If you are ready, I may share this wonderful experience with you. The one that happened at the Chaoyang Theatre, a remarkably stunning show venue that takes you to the hights of Chinese acrobatics. However it wasn’t as stunning at first, in fact I hated it. Probably the huge crowd of tourists was one thing that contributed to the feeling, as well as the old stinky theatre. Well, soon I knew that since I had came somewhere as far as Beijing, China. There was no turning back. I thought to myself” Oh boy, this production is not very well done isn’t it”.

Much later on, the show kind of grew on to me. The bad production was just something to get used to, when you started to see in between the performance itself. How talented these guys were, and their style was just something very Chinese. Most likely, alot of the Chinese tourists couldn’t see the difference between a badly organised production and a good one. Westerners seemed very happy as well. So, why not be happy myself too!

So it started, a thriling performance that made my heart jump everytime I felt connected to the amazing acrobatic performers and their tricks. It gave my so much inspiration, how you must go past your own pre-asumptions to achieve a new way of thinking. That is what inspiration, and writing is all about. Something new. That’s why we need to go out and have these experiences such as the one in Chaoyang Theatre. I will never forget it, as it is forever imprinted in my inspirational writings!

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Sheri Green

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