Conquering yourself

What is the true meaning of conquering yourself, often connected to Confucius thinking.

As the quote goes:

“The mightiest warrior of all is the one who conquers himself.”

The saying is rooted from Buddhist ideology and agent Shaolin Monks who practised martial arts. It symbols the “classic” path to enlightment, where one is driven by internal observations rather than external motivations.

So this brings us to the really interesting question as to what is really the connection between learning a martial art (external practice) and finding your inner being (internal observation). In classic texts it is often left as something that should be experienced to understand. This can leave one out of the game, thinking it’s a go or no go situation.

This of course is not true as it can be applied to all and any circumstances. It is something experienced throughout the life. The law of nature is that one learns only by trying things, the same applies to learning about the deepest debts of your inner being.

The interesting contradiction is, that the actual learning happens only when one sort of gives up on the external action. It is that precise moment when without doing anything, one can see what has been done from the distance. This letting go brings one in a state of witnessing, which is the only objective view available to mankind.

So the one who conquerers himself is someone who fights himself only to give up himself to himself. Now that can be called a courageous warrior!

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