An old Record has it all…

I really just love listening to some really old records and the more worse the sound the better. You know when the record is just so worn out, that you really have to make and effort to make out the song in between the cracking sound. Especially when the tune that is contained within is especially sweet, well.. that’s the record that has it all. In fact often life feels like that, with so much background noise going on that it’s really hard to make out what’s really happening. Or make out the tune that contains the essense, the happiness of being alive.

Now, everything is digital and when the crackling sound starts the record has already ended. There is only the on and off button, it works or doesn’t work. Only with record, you can still squeeze the last life juice out of the disc even near it’s end. Again, life should be that way. That you use it as much as possible to take the most out of it. A modern way of life is designed to be unsuportive, and when the end comes.. it comes pretty fast.

When I will get old, I want to die away like an old record. Left somewhere without anyone listening to it. But either way, that golden record, that tune that has it all still exists under the old dust that has settled in for good. Perhaps someday grand children will find those old records and play them to get a unique glimpse into something that feels so ancient.. yet something so current because it feels real and now unleashed from those old dusty records.

Life is meant to be beautiful in that way. Beautiful like an old record that has always had it all and always will. And you can quote me on that!

Best regards,
Sheri Green

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