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Languages are just so beautiful in this world, especially when there is a lot of variety. Of course, there are so many languages in this world. Not just one for each country, but often there are several with the same place. Now someone might think that it’s a nuisance and why do we have so many languages anyway, like the German language. But this is just superficial thinking because it is one of the greatest in-heritages there are. It is always a tremendous pity and loss for human kind when something as beautiful as a language is lost.

What’s really funny is how the motivation to learn languages can start from different places. They can be something great, or even something very down to earth like a shopping experience at the Amazon e-commerce store. At least this was my story when I was looking for great quote books of German authors. Naturally, the only place I could find them from is the now massive book and anything else store at the English website. Which to no surprise for my taste, was for the post part in German. Luckily for many, as in the link I have given.. there are loads of very easy and simple ways to translate these web pages from one language to another. For example from English to German and go through the whole “German shopping experience”, in your native language.

But for someone like me, it’s not rewarding enough. I wanted to learn a few things about this language, so I could really see what everything and all the books were really about. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t take any shortcuts, in fact I used a lot of automatic translators.. as well as digital audio books that would teach me the German language. It’s just great when you can choose the different types of digital advantages that are suitable for your level. Of course I already know a lot of words, as they call them languages, which is why learning more of them become much easier like this.

Now I am reading a few good books I have purchased from, which also are in the German language. Do you think this is amazing? Not really in my opinion. It’s a wordy world, and shopping has given us pretty interesting possibilities. Anyone who is really and truly interested in absorbing the new will be able to whatever they want. It’s a path I found and it is an endless reward. I would never stop learning languages.. let’s see what’s next? Amazon in Italian, Spanish? Very well one of these could be my next shopping destination in my new local language.

For those who want to take the lazy method. Just check out the practical post I linked to from Elftronix. See you guys for more quotes and play with words!

Bestest regards,
Sheri Green

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That is fascinating! I am also interested in shopping at the German Amazon store. You have opened up my eyes, and words too=) So for that, I say thanks.


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