Inspiration at the Theatre of Chaoyang

Theatre of Chaoyang has often presented itself as the venue that has it all in Beijing. I have already mentioned the theatre in previous posts, but there are still more interesting details about the show that I wanted to go into. Finding inspiration for words, quotes and articles of different kinds is always a bit of a challenge. Mainly because you cannot really force it and it simply comes to you when the time is right. Being a big fan of the performing arts, and Chinese variety shows of course, not every experience has been satisfactory to my standards.

What are my standards, you may ask. But I still haven’t figured out the answer to that question if I may be truly honest with you. All I know, is that when an experience, or a spectacle such as the one performed by the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe hits you, you just know. Those moments exist in different forms and varieties which is why you must go into the unknown. I know many critics and sort of people who just walk out of a show if they don’t like it. While I do appriciate and encourage self thinking and individualism. That which naturally promotes having your own opinions, some that are extremely strong even.

Theatre of Chaoyang

But had it not been for the flying acrobats, I would not have probably discovered this vital clue into finding inspiration for writing. If you are ready, I may share this wonderful experience with you. The one that happened at the Chaoyang Theatre, a remarkably stunning show venue that takes you to the hights of Chinese acrobatics. However it wasn’t as stunning at first, in fact I hated it. Probably the huge crowd of tourists was one thing that contributed to the feeling, as well as the old stinky theatre. Well, soon I knew that since I had came somewhere as far as Beijing, China. There was no turning back. I thought to myself” Oh boy, this production is not very well done isn’t it”.

Much later on, the show kind of grew on to me. The bad production was just something to get used to, when you started to see in between the performance itself. How talented these guys were, and their style was just something very Chinese. Most likely, alot of the Chinese tourists couldn’t see the difference between a badly organised production and a good one. Westerners seemed very happy as well. So, why not be happy myself too!

So it started, a thriling performance that made my heart jump everytime I felt connected to the amazing acrobatic performers and their tricks. It gave my so much inspiration, how you must go past your own pre-asumptions to achieve a new way of thinking. That is what inspiration, and writing is all about. Something new. That’s why we need to go out and have these experiences such as the one in Chaoyang Theatre. I will never forget it, as it is forever imprinted in my inspirational writings!

From the World of Quotes,
Sheri Green


An old Record has it all…

I really just love listening to some really old records and the more worse the sound the better. You know when the record is just so worn out, that you really have to make and effort to make out the song in between the cracking sound. Especially when the tune that is contained within is especially sweet, well.. that’s the record that has it all. In fact often life feels like that, with so much background noise going on that it’s really hard to make out what’s really happening. Or make out the tune that contains the essense, the happiness of being alive.

Now, everything is digital and when the crackling sound starts the record has already ended. There is only the on and off button, it works or doesn’t work. Only with record, you can still squeeze the last life juice out of the disc even near it’s end. Again, life should be that way. That you use it as much as possible to take the most out of it. A modern way of life is designed to be unsuportive, and when the end comes.. it comes pretty fast.

When I will get old, I want to die away like an old record. Left somewhere without anyone listening to it. But either way, that golden record, that tune that has it all still exists under the old dust that has settled in for good. Perhaps someday grand children will find those old records and play them to get a unique glimpse into something that feels so ancient.. yet something so current because it feels real and now unleashed from those old dusty records.

Life is meant to be beautiful in that way. Beautiful like an old record that has always had it all and always will. And you can quote me on that!

Best regards,
Sheri Green


A Wordy English & German Shopping World of

Languages are just so beautiful in this world, especially when there is a lot of variety. Of course, there are so many languages in this world. Not just one for each country, but often there are several with the same place. Now someone might think that it’s a nuisance and why do we have so many languages anyway, like the German language. But this is just superficial thinking because it is one of the greatest in-heritages there are. It is always a tremendous pity and loss for human kind when something as beautiful as a language is lost.

What’s really funny is how the motivation to learn languages can start from different places. They can be something great, or even something very down to earth like a shopping experience at the Amazon e-commerce store. At least this was my story when I was looking for great quote books of German authors. Naturally, the only place I could find them from is the now massive book and anything else store at the English website. Which to no surprise for my taste, was for the post part in German. Luckily for many, as in the link I have given.. there are loads of very easy and simple ways to translate these web pages from one language to another. For example from English to German and go through the whole “German shopping experience”, in your native language.

But for someone like me, it’s not rewarding enough. I wanted to learn a few things about this language, so I could really see what everything and all the books were really about. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t take any shortcuts, in fact I used a lot of automatic translators.. as well as digital audio books that would teach me the German language. It’s just great when you can choose the different types of digital advantages that are suitable for your level. Of course I already know a lot of words, as they call them languages, which is why learning more of them become much easier like this.

Now I am reading a few good books I have purchased from, which also are in the German language. Do you think this is amazing? Not really in my opinion. It’s a wordy world, and shopping has given us pretty interesting possibilities. Anyone who is really and truly interested in absorbing the new will be able to whatever they want. It’s a path I found and it is an endless reward. I would never stop learning languages.. let’s see what’s next? Amazon in Italian, Spanish? Very well one of these could be my next shopping destination in my new local language.

For those who want to take the lazy method. Just check out the practical post I linked to from Elftronix. See you guys for more quotes and play with words!

Bestest regards,
Sheri Green


Words of Full Enjoyment at OCT Theatre Dynasty Show

Back in the days, I was a big fan of Oprah Winfrey. While she has some really great quotes that I still love, there is just so many better quotes, aphorisms, as well as quotations that I have learned to simply love over the years. As it has become evident in these posts, I am someone who just loves to travel which has been a very fruitful experience in terms of learning a “great word” from here and there. Sharing it, together with explanations of the actual meaning has been the other very rewarding aspect of the whole trip. Everything is a whole at it’s best, a composition that makes the big picture, the meaning and creation that is in fact created with mere words.

Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Speaking of “wholes”, it is often in the performing art world where I seek such compositions that give the fame words are suppose to have. I previously mentioned several venues in Beijing, namely that of the acrobatics, kung fu and opera. But it is only recently that another great gem within the proud nightlife of the buzzing Beijing city has come to my attention. With fantastic effects and impressive acting, this wordless creation is performed at the OCT Theatre in Beijing.

While it’s a huge production with tremendously huge production costs, there has been put twice as much work into the performance itself. While Chinese love to talk, it’s not just all chatter.. but instead something that can produce beauty of unbelievable scale. I had the great honour of visiting the theatre and meet up with some of the OCT production leaders. They were a dedicated bunch of people that were not quoting just Chairman Mao, even though it was on their list of inspirations to help create the show. Named as the “Golden Mask Dynasty Show”, it tells the story beyond the cultural revolution in China and goes deep into the forgotten myths that impress audiences around the world. With daily shows to boast with the cool big stage theatre, we have decided to go almost wordless on this one. Some things are just better seen with your own eyes rather than being explained. And if someone, it is the Chinese that have perfected this method of enjoying without thinking too much. I am especially the kind of person that should definitely learn from them.

If you want to learn this Chinese sacred art of enjoying yourself to the max without words. Just head on to the Beijing Happy Valley. Not actually inside the park, but besides it you have this amazing venue itself.


Sheri Green


OCT Theatre, Golden Mask Dynasty Show
Xiaowuji North Rd, Beijing, China.
Show time (Daily): 5:30PM – 6:40PM


That’s Just Awesome!

I wonder if there are others that are somehow put off by the phrase “that’s just awesome!”. I hear it so often, that it’s getting a little boring. That is of course in an American English setting. Now here in Britain, my teacher always told me not to use the same word again and again. English language is rich in expression and the more you give different flavors to it, the more beautiful it becomes.

Awesome Sign

Keeping that in mind as I grew up, whenever I write a text for example. I check what I wrote, and if there is too much repetition of the same word.. I try to change some of those to give more flavor to the text. It really works and makes the reading more stimulating, fun and even rewarding. For that I have to thank my teacher, who would scould me whenever I used the word “nice!”. She said that it’s not a word, you can say, brilliant, great, fantastic.. so many words.. Why just nice?!

Well, I think awesome has taken the same status as nice in nowaday talk. While it might sound stronger, the point is in repetition.. which is just over abundant and I am getting sick off it. Let’s use other words, awesome is just no longer awesome. But when we start using others, let’s not spoil them but put variety in the mix.


Sheri Green


No Words for the Flying Experience of Beijing Acrobatics

Since we enjoyed the Chinese acrobatic performance in Shanghai so much, we decided to have a go at it in Beijing as well. All this just to see how far our we could reach in philosophic height. Always on the lookout for great words to share with you folks, it’s often not an easy task with all the background noise there is nowadays. But we have one remedy for it all, and that is knowledge in it’s purest form. If one does not have extensive knowledge over a subject, one becomes a subject to a lot of that background noise.

Also often known as misinformation, which contains the intent or bias views of a person that someone wants to get through for mostly selfish purposes. While I have nothing against bias as it is a living part of ourselves. It’s important to have experiences from all walks of life and sides of the coin. Even in the case of Chinese acrobatics, this is true.

The Flying Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Especially in the crowded and noisy streets in the city of Beijing. There is one of those shows that make us almost speechless, without words. That performance is known as the Flying Acrobatic Show extravaganza! Thus bringing us to the conclusions that some things are best unsaid, and instead experienced. The Beijing experience is really taking the steps to take you the fullest and greatest acrobatic experience. Yes, without words we still could put the word great in the beginning of the sentence to describe our emotions. While we feel it’s not enough to express this flying acrobatic experience, we feel that what we learned from it is to just let things be with few words. Because with that, you have another kind of effect on words. It arises peoples curiosity when they feel that not everything is fully expressed, it engages people to go and find out for themselves.

Thus we can simply encourage, everyone to head to the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing. The host of perhaps one of the most amazing acrobatic shows in the whole wide world. We suggest you go there if you are in the city and find out how speechless one can become.

Therefore enough talk already. The sweet, sweet Beijing is waiting for you and your beautiful round eyes!

Yours sincerely,



One Doesn’t Need to Be Great to Say Great Words

A misconception exists, that if you are not great yourself, you cannot say great words. If you haven’t noticed, what these “great people” are saying are things that relate to everyone on this earth. After all we are in this together, and whatever can be a benefit, whatever can be a novel thought can be enjoyed by everyone.

But, not only enjoyed but made as well. You see, the world is made up of these interesting words.. and that’s how feelings, situations, outcomes and just about anything physical or non-physical is being created. By deciding “with words” that you are not able to say great words, one has already created a negative reality around them.

The great people who are able to say great things that effect you, have simply decided to do so. One needs to be sincere with themselves, speak the truth and know oneself. The deeper you go, the more one realises that this being, which naturally flourishes with ideas and just about anything imaginable. Is something very simple, right here within everyone.

Thus great words only exclude those, who choose to be excluded! Be careful of what you say. It just might become a butterfly.



Being a Child Takes Courage

My good friend Emma once said that it takes great courage to be a child. And I couldn’t think of a better way to say how I feel about the issue.

Looking down upon kids is about the dumbest thing I know and shows how unconfident many adults are. By being playful, kids are innocent and show their true color. To be exposed like that takes courage and children who have yet not extinguished that sense of excitement go through the battle of finding their boundaries every day.

Adults have lost this courage and think it means being an adult. Kids have a natural tendency for this because the unconditioned mind acts in a natural way. Moreover an adult that keeps his playfulness is someone who has continued the battle for a natural being through the difficult boundaries of this world.

Be courageous, be a kid!


Evolving Shanghai is a Show of Money

I had a recent opportunity to visit the proud and erect city of Shanghai. Thus I wont be featuring any quotes, but instead ponder about the state of the modern society. As well as finnish off with a nice poem I wrote.

So actually what I had long been waiting for is to witness the remarkable nightlife of the city. To guide me in my nightly adventure Show Shanghai was generous enough to show me around. This was a great way to relax, in contrary to my constant analysis that does manage to tire my mind at times. But of course I just had to come and write to you guys about it and analyze a little bit at least.

First off, Shanghai is a great city. I liked cities that truly have that big city metropolis feel to them. This place is filled with excitement, even though most historical buildings have been destroyed. But for what I came for was to enjoy myself.. with some Chinese acrobatic performance, endless walks and of course this view many of us know so well:

Shanghai View

Exactly this view was what finally blew me away and made me wonder what was the point in all this. Most people when they see this think that oh what a great achievement, how well the Chinese economy has done. Shanghai should be proud of themselves, they have really showed the world their true capabilities.

As usually I see it differently. Building a skyscraper one after another, each higher than the previous one.. is exactly the problem with modern society. I became almost speechless.. but was inspired to write this small poem:

As the economy blooms the society dooms.
When the Chinese attack the neighbors hold back.
Why such gloomy thoughts, like lottery casting lots.
It’s because this is real and as dangerous as a balancing wheel.

At least the acrobatics were great and my guide was such a wonderful person. This made me thinking, despite the doom and gloom, Chinese people are what really make the city and my experience. All in all I enjoyed it very much!


The Greener Side of Things

Without a doubt most people have heard the proverb:

The grass is always greener on the other side.

The meaning is pretty obvious, that circumstances other than those of oneself often seem better or more desirable when in reality they often are not. But then again, comes the job of greatwords to share some light on a deeper meaning! 🙂

Of course it’s a good observation that often one wants things that they don’t have which is an eternal thirst. It is because this observation has never been made that the world has so many problems. People are thirsty for power, for wealth, for sex and many many other things. In fact this thirst can be absolutely anything, even to be poor. However the egoistic approach to gather wealth in excessive amounts while others is suffering must be the one of the worsening effects of them all.

But many did not stop to think what the other “greener side” is. What is it that makes people so interested in something that is outside of themselves, something that doesn’t exist. Well, my theory is that this greener side is actually something inside oneself which is why it’s so attractive. An inner desire to discover yourself more and to grow internally. However if one thinks that this desire is outside of oneself the effect will only be an outward effect.

This shallow realization might only help a person to restrict themselves but not to really understand.