Language of Beijing Opera Speaks to The Heart

China-US ties have not always been the greatest, so where to look for consolidation. That’s easy, from the place where no conflict has yet existed. To go there you have to go quite a way back in history but those things such as Beijing Opera still live strongly in the lives of the Chinese and continue to enchant foreign cultures too.

A new wonderful program to mix the Chinese and Western operas has been created in New York and a performance was held. The performers went under strict vocal coaching to learn to sign in Mandarin. All this resulting in a huge Opera choir of both Western and Eastern decent.

“Music is an international language, and it speaks to the heart.”

This beautiful quotes was states by Patty Kopec who is a music professor at the Manhattan School of Music. According to him the key to a successful performance is to understand the content and not just to sing. That’s when you sing from the heart.

I believe that not only old traditional music has this meaning but also modern music carries the secret tool for singing from the heart. This heart, is often lost with songs originating from familiar cultures and backgrounds, but whenever it’s foreign of origin you have to take an effort to understand it.

So if a way to understand get in contact with another culture is to dwell into its history and cultural background, then wouldn’t that work internally too. I mean, couldn’t people get along better together inside their own country if they took effort into understanding the songs of that country. The only problem with that proposition is that it is the unknown that attracts us to look for new thoughts and ideas although most still prefer not to venture into the unknown. So perhaps venturing and molding different cultures together is an answer after all.


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The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

This has to be one of my favorite dope quotes. As a long fan of Gilbert Shelton’s hilarious comic and true classic of the Freak Brothers. It’s thanks to these catchphrases that have made as cult phrases what use to make dope so much fun.

“Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”

What a romantic thought that all you need is weed to get you through life. But that is honestly a reality that old hippies can relate to. Thinking back (and some thinking right now) its a pretty easy and beautiful life having to just worry about where to get tomorrows fix. It’s like a part of human evolution to go through that kind of a period, those who get stuck however have gotten something terribly wrong or they are just the kind of people who can handle it. Equally as many as was been there done that have also continued to smoke daily just to live a normal life like everyone else. Those people however don’t live in countries where you would have to worry about times of no dope!

This quote comes from Freewheelin Franklin, a very laid-back character from the cartoon. A very street wise guys, likely to come up with wise words like that.



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A Mouth to Mouth Treatment

Have you ever given mouth to mouth to a bottle of wine? I bumped into this funny joke about enjoying red wine. I think it doesn’t taste quite as good straight from the bottle but makes a good joke doesn’t it.

The secret of enjoying a good wine: 1. Open the bottle to allow it to breathe. 2. If it does not look like it’s breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth.

Our society is in a state where it could really use some artificial respiration. The air quality around the world is worsening as the industrial civilization is blooming to it’s heights. What’s hard to grasp is why isn’t all the money being made used in technology that would increase air quality and decrease pollution. If because of technology we got into this mess in the first place, why not get out of it using technology. Hence: a “mouth to mouth” treatment. Surely all the machinery is already available all we need is to divert all that money spent on greed and put it to use. That’s what is stopping the industrial society to bloom in actuality. Frustrating!

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When Suppression Had Not Been Invented

Reaching to you from the 1% perspective, especially here in China where it’s more like 0.01%. The Beijing Kungfu Show continues to be a great stimulant for quote material. The practices of Shaolin Monks are very classic in nature and what could be more fun than translating classic text to todays words!

The courageous run away from violence, the skillful avoid anger and a mighty warrior does not fight for trivial conquests.

Firstly there is a difference between being courageous and doing a courageous thing. Obviously it doesn’t take a lot of courage to run away from a fight but it takes great courage to stand up and protect non-violence.

Second, suppressing anger cant be called very skillful. Channeling anger and transforming the energy to something useful rather than giving it to your opponent for example does however require great skill.

Obviously a mighty warrior is not needed to refuse a pitiful fight. It’s needed to stand against senseless fighting.

Only in current times, the need for further explanation on these points becomes essential. Suppression was not invented then and it was evident that loosing face took more courage.

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Douglas Adams Certainly Broke Out of his Mold

I was just downloading the famous radio show of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series” and bumped into a quote by Douglas Adams which is just witfully fantastic. As are all of his books, not just hitchhiker’s guide. He was an English author and very skillful in producing satire.

There are some oddities in the perspective with which we see the world.

This is just his style, there are some oddities probably could be translated as, the ways we see the world has gone totally bonkers!:P

Only recently I was thinking about learning new things. In this case, Chinese characters. It’s crazy how strongly the circumstances you were brought up in lead you to believe in such old and useless things! It’s as if to break out from the mold, you need to break out completely and go totally oddball on the 99% of the population whom are just idiotic themselves. Oops, sorry got carried away there for a bit.

Anyway in many western societies for example, it is perfectly normal to learn other western languages. Nothing odd about that, but due to the western nature of the languages being widely taught.. it seems impossible to learn a new character set! This is simply a prejudiced way to certain failure. I for one have decided to break out of that mold and learn new characters as one learns any normal day to day thing.

It’s a great brain stimulant to take the perspective of the 1%.

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Conquering yourself

What is the true meaning of conquering yourself, often connected to Confucius thinking.

As the quote goes:

“The mightiest warrior of all is the one who conquers himself.”

The saying is rooted from Buddhist ideology and agent Shaolin Monks who practised martial arts. It symbols the “classic” path to enlightment, where one is driven by internal observations rather than external motivations.

So this brings us to the really interesting question as to what is really the connection between learning a martial art (external practice) and finding your inner being (internal observation). In classic texts it is often left as something that should be experienced to understand. This can leave one out of the game, thinking it’s a go or no go situation.

This of course is not true as it can be applied to all and any circumstances. It is something experienced throughout the life. The law of nature is that one learns only by trying things, the same applies to learning about the deepest debts of your inner being.

The interesting contradiction is, that the actual learning happens only when one sort of gives up on the external action. It is that precise moment when without doing anything, one can see what has been done from the distance. This letting go brings one in a state of witnessing, which is the only objective view available to mankind.

So the one who conquerers himself is someone who fights himself only to give up himself to himself. Now that can be called a courageous warrior!

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The Worth of Anarchism

Today I will analyze a quote from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who was a 19th century philoshoper and politician from France. He is famous for being the most influential catalyst for theories on anarchism.

Anarchism has always been such a fascinating subject to me. Even though I have never practiced it in it’s pure form. The reason being that such circles often fight against itself when the subject at hand is not looked at further. How anarchism works in a capitalist surrounding is very different to it’s “meant to be” form.

There is great danger in such a magnificent thought that all governmental activity must be exposed to it’s fullest and resisted upon to the fullest possible degree when unjust. An important realization however only the mere beginning of the fully potential social human evolution that is yet to have blossomed. If that’s as far as one can think, it will only fight against oneself. Hence the quote by Proudhon himself:

“Laws: We know what they are, and what they are worth! They are spider webs for the rich and mighty, steel chains for the poor and weak, fishing nets in the hands of the government.”

As most great words, this quote gives no explanation to it’s meaning. If it makes you think, the quote will make you greater than the quote. The quote will come and then die away having done it’s purpose… If you think that that is all there is, one will continue with whatever they were doing. It will have no effect.

The are bit is easy but one must connect the worth to make it really meaningful.

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