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Language of Beijing Opera Speaks to The Heart

China-US ties have not always been the greatest, so where to look for consolidation. That’s easy, from the place where no conflict has yet existed. To go there you have to go quite a way back in history but those… continue reading »

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

This has to be one of my favorite dope quotes. As a long fan of Gilbert Shelton’s hilarious comic and true classic of the Freak Brothers. It’s thanks to these catchphrases that have made as cult phrases what use to make… continue reading »

A Mouth to Mouth Treatment

Have you ever given mouth to mouth to a bottle of wine? I bumped into this funny joke about enjoying red wine. I think it doesn’t taste quite as good straight from the bottle but makes a good joke doesn’t… continue reading »

When Suppression Had Not Been Invented

Reaching to you from the 1% perspective, especially here in China where it’s more like 0.01%. The Beijing Kungfu Show continues to be a great stimulant for quote material. The practices of Shaolin Monks are very classic in nature and what… continue reading »

Douglas Adams Certainly Broke Out of his Mold

I was just downloading the famous radio show of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series” and bumped into a quote by Douglas Adams which is just witfully fantastic. As are all of his books, not just hitchhiker’s guide. He was an… continue reading »

Conquering yourself

What is the true meaning of conquering yourself, often connected to Confucius thinking. As the quote goes: “The mightiest warrior of all is the one who conquers himself.” The saying is rooted from Buddhist ideology and agent Shaolin Monks who practised martial… continue reading »

The Worth of Anarchism

Today I will analyze a quote from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who was a 19th century philoshoper and politician from France. He is famous for being the most influential catalyst for theories on anarchism. Anarchism has always been such a fascinating subject to me. Even… continue reading »

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