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Inspiration at the Theatre of Chaoyang

Theatre of Chaoyang has often presented itself as the venue that has it all in Beijing. I have already mentioned the theatre in previous posts, but there are still more interesting details about the show that I wanted to go… continue reading »

An old Record has it all…

I really just love listening to some really old records and the more worse the sound the better. You know when the record is just so worn out, that you really have to make and effort to make out the… continue reading »

A Wordy English & German Shopping World of

Languages are just so beautiful in this world, especially when there is a lot of variety. Of course, there are so many languages in this world. Not just one for each country, but often there are several with the same… continue reading »

Words of Full Enjoyment at OCT Theatre Dynasty Show

Back in the days, I was a big fan of Oprah Winfrey. While she has some really great quotes that I still love, there is just so many better quotes, aphorisms, as well as quotations that I have learned to simply love… continue reading »

That’s Just Awesome!

I wonder if there are others that are somehow put off by the phrase “that’s just awesome!”. I hear it so often, that it’s getting a little boring. That is of course in an American English setting. Now here in… continue reading »

No Words for the Flying Experience of Beijing Acrobatics

Since we enjoyed the Chinese acrobatic performance in Shanghai so much, we decided to have a go at it in Beijing as well. All this just to see how far our we could reach in philosophic height. Always on the… continue reading »

One Doesn’t Need to Be Great to Say Great Words

A misconception exists, that if you are not great yourself, you cannot say great words. If you haven’t noticed, what these “great people” are saying are things that relate to everyone on this earth. After all we are in this… continue reading »

Being a Child Takes Courage

My good friend Emma once said that it takes great courage to be a child. And I couldn’t think of a better way to say how I feel about the issue. Looking down upon kids is about the dumbest thing… continue reading »

Evolving Shanghai is a Show of Money

I had a recent opportunity to visit the proud and erect city of Shanghai. Thus I wont be featuring any quotes, but instead ponder about the state of the modern society. As well as finnish off with a nice poem… continue reading »

The Greener Side of Things

Without a doubt most people have heard the proverb: The grass is always greener on the other side. The meaning is pretty obvious, that circumstances other than those of oneself often seem better or more desirable when in reality they… continue reading »

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